Welcome to the preeminent title company of New Jersey. At Forescene Title Agency we offer owner’s title insurance and settlement services. Find us in beautiful Bergen County, NJ. Our headquarters is based in Oradell; just a stone’s throw away from Paramus and Hackensack. We have been serving New Jersey for years now as an upstanding member of our local communities. We know New Jersey, and we are aware of the ins and outs of estate settlements that the people of New Jersey need to protect themselves from fraud and title defects.

A land title guarantee is a necessity in this day and age when purchasing a home. Title insurance protects the real estate owner against claims of defects regarding the title. Helping to minimize the risks of errors in the first place is also important. We provide present owner mortgage and lien searches, upper court searches, bankruptcy and foreclosure searches, and much more. Forescene Title Agency endeavors to leave no stone unturned in an effort to protect all parties involved including both buyers and sellers.

Our company offers closing services as well. Coordinating closing issues and keeping track of the paperwork that other parties might miss is something we excel at. Our staff will work to clear title requirements and obtain final closing figures from the lender. Clients can rest assured that the details such as preparing HUD-1 and affidavit of title, dispersing the checks and, of course, making sure that the title policies are issued.

Title Insurance & Settlement Services

Forescene Title Agency is a full-service title company with a strong community standing and a wealth of expertise regarding real estate title insurance and settlement services. The question is no longer “Should I buy title insurance,” or “Where can I find a reputable title insurance company?” Forescene Title Agency is that company, and we look forward to serving you.