Forescene Title Agency, LLC insures title on residential and commercial properties throughout NJ.

We are a full service title agency providing the following:

  • Title Insurance
  • Present Owner Mortgage and Lien Searches
  • Business Searches
  • Co-op Searches
  • Upper Court Searches
  • Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Searches
  • Patriot Name Searches
  • Child Support Searches
  • UCC Searches
  • Corporate Franchise Tax Searches
  • Tax and Assessment Searches .Flood, Tideland and Wetland Searches
  • Chancery Abstracts
  • Entity Status Reports
  • Certificates of Regularity
  • Obtain Discharges, Releases,Warrants To Satisfy Judgments
  • Obtain Mortgage Payoff Letters
  • Prepare and Record Notices of Settlement
  • Assist in preparation of Deeds and other Closing Documents
  • Order Surveys and prepare Survey Certificates

We will deliver the following electronically:

  • Title Insurance Binders
  • Endorsements
  • Policies
  • Receive lender closing packages

Commitments are delivered overnight to you, the seller’s attorney, review attorney and lender if requested. We can email your title commitments, endorsements and anything else you require. We can also file notices of settlement on your behalf.

We can obtain a survey for you quickly through our network of competent and trusted surveyors.


Prestige can integrate your office with our paralegal services and make us part of your “back office team” to provide Closing Services.

We can do as much or little of the closing as you like:

  • Contact all parties and coordinate closing issues, date and time with them
  • Review title commitment and work to clear title requirements
  • Obtain payoffs, taxes, final water/sewer charges
  • Obtain final closing figures from lender
  • Prepare HUD-1 and Affidavit of Title
  • Prepare and disburse checks
  • See that all post closing issues are cleared and the title policies are issued
  • Attend closing if requested
  • Record documents
  • Provide all post closing work and follow up.